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اساسنامه حزب






Constitution of Liberal Democratic Party of Iran




Article 1

The party has been named as " Liberal Democratic Party of Iran " by the

members of founding council.


1      Article 2

Therein after " Liberal Democratic Party of Iran " is merely called party.


2      Article 3

Party goal is to establish an interim Iranian government.

Party calls on Iranian nationals inside and outside of the Iran, Iranian political

organizations and parties throughout the world to join it and collaborate in

forming the interim government.


3      Article 4

Party's chart :

Party central committee

Party advisory committee

Party secretariat

Party executive committee

Party public affairs Bureau


4      Article 5

Party central Committee members are selected from party founding members.

Party central committee selects the secretary general with a serving term of 4 years.

The secretary general can be appointed for consecutive terms as well.

The central committee is the highest authority organ of the party.

The party has been temporarily registered in the country of Japan but will be

relocated inside of Iran at the first possible opportunity.

The party will establish its branches in all the countries after obtaining

permission from the local legal authorities.

The party invites all the religious and ethnic minorities to join it and

collaborate in establishing the interim government.

The party call on women rights organizations to join in preserving women's rights.


5      Article 6

Sessions :

Considering the current political situation the sessions are held bi monthly.

The party session has quorum with participation of two thirds of the central

committee members.

The party secretary general has the authority to call emergency session.

The central committee session's resolutions are authentic with the vote of two

third of the participants.

The session chairperson is nominated by the secretary general and approved by

the central committee. The chairperson is in charge of presiding over the

coordinating the sessions and declaring the resolutions.

All the sessions and the resolutions are officially ratified by approval of two

third of participants and the original documents are to be preserved in the party

secretariat archive.

Any obstructionism and disobedience of party rules by any member is considered

as treachery to the country and subjected to expulsion from the party by the

central committee.


6      Article 7

Party central committee duties :

Verification of the secretary general reports and suggestions.

Presentation of operation report, ratification of new resolutions and amending

the party charter.

Proclamation of Party's general path.

Unity calls on labor & farmers & trade unions, NGOs and other political parties

Presiding over execution and implication of the party resolutions.

Selection of party authorities and reserved members of the central committee.

Proclamation of any alteration, dissolving the party and dismissal of the members.

Members of executive committee are obliged to participate in all sessions of party.

In case of permitted absence of party executive members in the sessions, the

absent member is to introduce one of the reserved members in written as his or her proxy.


7      Article 8

secretary general :

The secretary general is voted by the majority of the central committee members

and can be nominated in the following election as well.

The secretary general is responsible to lead the party, preserve the party

charter and imply central committee's resolutions.

Shall secretary general's views contradict with approved resolutions of the

central committee and party's charter, the secretary general is obliged to

state the contradiction in written to obtain the central committee's approval.


8      Article 9

Party Advisory Committee :

The committee members are selected among scholars, political activists and

well known public figures. The members outline party's political path to the

executive committee and the secretary general.

The Party Advisory Committee members could be selected from official or

honorary members of the party.

The Party Advisory Committee members in addition to their official duties are

entitled to hold a joint session with the secretary general.

Admission of new members after declaring of their candidacy is to be accepted by

the advisory committee and written approval of the secretary general.

The members' term of duty is unlimited.

The Party Advisory Committee members select the committee secretary by their

majority votes.

In absence of secretary general, the advisory committee secretary presides

over the committee's sessions.


9      Article 10

Party Executive Committee :

The executive committee is highest authority organ of the party.

The executive committee members are consisted of 9 official and 2 reserved members.

The party secretary general recommends the members of the executive

committee to the party central committee for ratification.

The term of duty for each member of the committee is 2 years and could be

extended indefinitely.

The party secretary general can ask for dismissal of the executive committee

members who violate party rules to party central committee for ratification.

Unfounded absence in committee sessions can lead to dismissal.

President and vice president of the executive committee are chosen by majority

votes of official members of executive committee.

The reserved members of the executive committee are eligible to participate

in the committee sessions without voting rights.

Voting rights of reserved members apply only once they substitute the absent

official members.

Distribution and appointment of executive committee members to the following

posts are ratified by the majority executive members votes.

1- Party Secretariat

2- Organization

3- Publication

4- political study

5- Public Affairs & propaganda

6- Financial & special affairs

The executive committee sessions are official with participation of two thirds

of the official members.

The resolutions of the executive committee are required by the majority votes

of the participants.


10   Article 11

The executive committee's duties are as the follow :

Outlining the party's political road map in accordance with party's philosophy

for deployment of freedom of thoughts and free journalism to be mentioned among.

Cooperation with board of editors of party's gazette, assistance to increasing

its circulation, preparation of manifesto and training reports.

Close cooperation with the party secretary general and presenting the proposals.

Execution of executive committee's resolutions.

Issuance of directions, guidance and circulars to party members.

Following executive committee's instructions are obligatory for all the members

and any disobedience of them are considered a violation of party rules.

Appointment and dismissal of officials of party's executive bureaus in accordance

with party's ratified regulations.

Correspondences with international organizations, political figures, institutes

in Iran and throughout the world, acceptance or rejection of membership,

applications of individuals and groups in accordance with party's resolutions.

Advising international societies of Iran's hardships and injustices to obtain

their moral support.

Establishing party's liaison offices inside and outside of Iran.

Regulating party's executive rules, describing duties and authorities of party

executive committee and its connected bureaus.

Regulating annual report of Party performance and presenting to the executive

committee and responding to the related inquiries.

Issuance of directions to party's liaison offices, controlling their performances,

taking measures to prevent any turmoil between party branches and preserving

party rules among the members.

Preparing sessions minutes and archiving them.

Direct supervision over executive bureaus.


11   Article 12

Duties of executive bureaus :

Party Secretariat :

It is responsible for preparing and sending the correspondences of the executive

committee with authorities and political figures inside and outside of Iran,

making contacts with liaison offices, registering and archiving correspondences,

reflecting executive committee's views and resolutions

to liaison offices, sending prospectuses and circulars to liaison offices as well

as other national political organizations and archiving all documents of party

either ordinary or confidential. It is also responsible for sending party's

political gazette and is to send the publications upon their release. It may

decide the gazette recipients according to its distinction. The head of

secretariat is not eligible to contact authorities independently unless it has

already obtained the consensus of the executive committee or party secretary

general. It will establish an office in Iran and its telephone & fax numbers

will be officially announced in the party's gazette.

Organizing unit :

It is responsible for establishing party's liaison officespreparing and

presenting the directions and inquiring of their operations, archiving personal

files of party members, issuance of membership cards for party members,

following and inquiring Iranian political asylum seekers cases according to the

party's resolutions.

Membership :

It accepts the membership applications of those who meet following conditions :

1      Their faithfulness to the party are recognized and founded during interviews.

2      They have accepted the party's beliefs sincerely and are faithful to party's

national struggle path.

3      They should not be members of any other political party or organization.

4      They should not have any criminal record or any unpleasant social or 

political reputation in accordance of party's standards.

5      They should be nominated and confirmed by a party member.

6      They should fill out the party's application form and sign it.

7      They should be committed to pay their membership fees.

The duties of liaison offices :

Performing vast public propagandas in their territory in following of party's

goals in Iran and throughout the world.

Contacting regional authorities in all ranks and mass media to elaborate on

Iranians conditions and party's stance in order to gain their support.

Attracting eligible Iranians to join the party in their representative territory

to assist party.

Proper performance of party's regulations and resolutions.

Publication bureau :

Controlling and presiding over party's publications.

Publishing timely well contented political gazette, preparing the drafts of

press releases as well as political statements and distributing them after

approval of party's secretary general and the executive committee.

Responsibility of publishing periodical and other reports of the party is held

by this bureau.

Political training unit :

It is responsible for political training task of members and sympathizers of

the party. Programming and performing regular political training courses for

members, preparing the educational texts for these classes, preparing political

reports for acquainting the public with party's belief and efforts to expand

and lead political teaching is the main task of this unit.

Party public affairs Bureau :

Establishing constant relationship with overseas living Iranians and our

fellow countrymen inside Iran, coordinating the relationship inside the party

and party's connection with other organizations and parties as well as

introducing party's political plans properly are among the main duties of this

unit. Holding press conferences, interviews and placing communicational

units and similar services are to be conduct by this bureau.

Financial and special affairs :

This bureau is responsible to identify financial sources and gain financial

assistances as well as membership fees. Financing party's operations, preserving

and registering financial records including incomes, expenses, assets, preparing

half year financial accounts for presenting to executive committee, preparing

fiscal year accounts are among the responsibilities of this bureau.

It is also responsible to perform special projects, instructed by the party's

secretary general.

Liaison offices :

These offices can be established in any region that Iranians live in provided

in addition to have Iranian sympathizers willing to join in political activities,

there should be at least 1 active and official member of the party in the region.

The offices in different countries can have local branches if they find it necessary.

The offices inside the Iran due to present condition can operate officially or

confidentially and are under direct observation of the party's secretary

general and executive committee.

The party's liaison offices out of the country operate under authority of

executive committee.

The executive committee decides the responsibilities, operational authority and

organizational chart of each office in accordance of party's rules and advises them.

Each liaison office can draw its hierarchal chart with confirmation of party's

executive committee and operate according to it.



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